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3D Printed RWBY Weapons | Soulfire Photos

These were really fun to make. ^_^

holy motherfucking satan i cannot

i just can’t

this isn’t cosplay see what you don’t get is that T HIS IS REAL LIFE OKAY


Thank you guys! I’m thinking of just cosplaying all the RWBY girls since I already have the weapons and make a close up set showcasing their details.


I can only hope to be this amazing someday. Seriously, you are one of my idols.

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Dear internet: what do I do if my boyfriend has literally ripped the fridge handle off….E6000 glue? @thestrippin

Scredriver +

I have been looking EVERYWHERE on the internet for a replacement shelf for my refrigerator and I THINK I FOUND IT HOLY SHIT THANK YOU HANK FOR THIS AMAZING WEBSITE

So basting is a good idea and I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of doing it before.

It doesn’t take a lot of extra time all things considered and is worth not stabbing myself with a tonne of pins when trying on my costume to see if the seams are right.

icosahedonist replied to your post “I’m feeling a little scared, but also really excited. And I think…”

I was about to ask if you were pregnant @_@

Oh my!!!!  No, my friend, definitely not pregnant!

I’ll be a little less cryptic - I backed a kickstarter I’m super-passionate about and took a chance and started a conversation with the person in charge and she invited me to an event where she’s giving a talk and told me to meet up with her there.  

I’m a little scared because I haven’t gone to a social thing in a while and I’m hoping this will be a foot in the door to my dream career but what if I mess something up and…

I will just ride the excitement for a while *blush*

I’m feeling a little scared, but also really excited.

And I think when that happens, it’s important to hold on to the expectedness and not let fear take over.

What was it that Ned said?  Bravery is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it… or something.

Hi, Fear.  I acknowledge that you exist.  I accept that you’re here with me right now.  I’ll talk to you later, there’s something more important to tend to right now.

((To my friends reading  this - this isn’t relating to anything particularly life-changing, I’m just being a passionate goof right now.  Or maybe it IS life-changing and I just haven’t gotten to that chapter yet?  I don’t know, we’ll see!))

Anonymous said: Hi Hank! I was wondering what exactly your involvement is in the Pemberley Digital series' now, because when the Lizzie Bennet Diaries were first introduced, you mentioned that it was something that you had been thinking about creating for a while. When LBD or EA is up for an award or even mentioned though, only Bernie Su's name is credited. How did this come to be, and are you still involved in the creation, and production process?



I’m like a proud grandmother. At this point, I have so much going on with VidCon and CrashCourse and SciShow and Subbable and OTHER THINGS THAT ARE COMING SOON that I can’t be closely involved with Pemberley projects. And I don’t /need/ to be because Bernie and his team KICKS ASS! 

As is evidenced by how awesome Frankenstein MD is! IT’S SO GOOD! 

Having an idea is not valuable…making it real is. And at this point, I’m not even having the ideas :-)

Having an idea is not valuable…making it real is. This should be on a t-shirt or something!

I agree!  Reading that, a light bulb turned on.  What an “ah-hah!” moment.

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accidentally typing the letter 8 in the middle of a word and feeling the unholy spirit of vriska serket come over you

the letter 8

well to be fair it probably is a letter to vriska…

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Here, I gave the Mario Kart 8 stages more appropriate names.

Thank you for City Escape that made it awesome

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